Monthly Archives: December 2015

our crooked, on the take board of governors does not enforce our anti-rental corporate by laws. our board is selling rental exemptions and indulgences for bribe money. what’s in it for us? wheres our share of this filthy , corrupt action? how do we righteous,honest homeowners cash in on straw poll collucci’s white collar crime under color of board authority?


why does our phoney-baloney park, propaganda newsletter say “resident owned community?” the residents of 42 hummingbird are not the home’s owners. they are rent-paying tenants; thanks to board of guvnor’s corruption and bribes. nor do we homeowners own our park; thanks to straw poll jimbo selling us out,our new park owners are the integral commies carpetbagger developers from danville, ca. way up north in yankee carpetbagger land.

so, am i the only sanluisrey homeowner living next to an illegal rental business? like in 42 hummingbird? it’s easy to verify online at the county recordr’s website to ascertain who is illegally renting out their coaches like nicole morly is doing with 42 hummingbird.our board and guardian will let any owner rent out their coach (in violation of our bylaws) as long as you grease their corrupt palms with gratuities, bribes and quid pro quos.