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ex-hippy, draftee, marine, Vietnam vet disabled ptsd, ex-irs auditor, ex-husband and father....fisherperson , farmer , joker and toker.... love the doors and the dead.... protestor.... insurgent... terrorist.... figuratively speaking, only, of course....

Q. why are there no signs on our gates that say “NO RENTALS”? or “NO SOLICITORS”? A. because rentals and solicitors are 2 of the scam/rackets used by collucci and guardian to rip off our equity.


if you need to rent out your coach to a tenant, then don’t worry about our anti-rental prohibitions in our corporate bylaws. just offer a generous bribe to guardian assn. mgmt. and the “honorable” jim collucci and you can buy an exemption/indulgence rental contract, just like nicole morly did with 42 hummingbird. . with dirty money bribes, you too, can be a san luis rey homes inc. LANDLORD!